About Me

Hello! I am the sole person behind Snow Gryphon Suits, or SGS for shortI have been creating costumes since 2012, as my Primary job. My artist name online is Kerijiano, but you can call me Kerry for short. I also do artwork when I am able to – indeed, all the artwork you see on this website was done by myself! If you require a reference sheet, or an artistic freedom character to turn into a fursuit, I am able to work with you to bring this to a reality.

If you ever come across me in person, please note that I am deaf – to the level of requiring a hearing aid in one ear, and having no hearing in my other ear. I am not being rude! I communicate via spoken english, and if I still struggle, I may ask you to write it down.

My main fursona is Kerry, who used to be the mascot for this company from 2012 to 2022 – I moved away from having them as the mascot because I wanted to have my personal life and my business life more separated.

They are a snow leopard x barn owl cross, and I have two fursuits of them – the toony verison made by myself, with the realistic version made by Stuffed Panda Studios.

About the Mascot

Gryphie is the face of the company since 2022, and is a snow leopard x snow owl cross, taking inspiration from my company’s name.

Their colours are based off of the shades of blue I have come to associate with my company, and have markings that are a mixture of their respective species!

I hope to one day have an art doll made of them so they can be involved with my work via photos, and promotional stuff.

About Snow Gryphon Suits

Snow Gryphon Suits is a one person company from the Midlands of the United Kingdom who works to create one of a kind custom fursuits.

Snow Gryphon Suits was established in 2012, and work hard to provide high quality items that are wearable, all handmade with love and care.

I only work in the “toony” style, and if you wish to see examples of my work, please check my gallery out here.

Contact information

Facebook: Snow Gryphon Suits
Twitter: @SGSuits
FurAffinity: SnowGryphonSuits
Email: SnowGryphonSuits@live.co.uk