Care Guide

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Snow Gryphon Suits Care sheet

Thank you for commissioning a suit from me! Here is a care sheet to help you keep your suit as clean and as fresh as the day it was created, so they can help to keep you happy for hopefully, many years!

 – Kerijiano


Washing instructions

Head and feet paws

  • Do not use Woolite Delicates! It has been proven that this detergent is for actual wool, and not the plastic fibres of faux fur. A gentle detergent has been proven to do the job and it will not leave an oily residue on the suit, making it feel unclean!

  • Surface wash the head with cool water and some gentle detergent (or even, a fursuit shampoo, if you know where to get them!). Avoid getting the eyes wet, just in case they do run. They are varnished, but it’s always best to be safe!
  • For the inside of the head, use a mix of water and alcohol, or water and gentle detergent to wipe down the inside of the head – if you want, you can also use some antibacterial wipes to ensure it is clean.

  • Alternatively, some people have been using portable carpet cleaners to surface clean their head. If you wish to use this method, you can.

Handpaws and Bodysuit

  • Turn the handpaws inside out, if you can. They can be washed by hand, by scrubbing them in a basin or sink with warm-cool water and detergent. They may require several rinses with the water, until the water runs clear, meaning there is no more dirt or soap suds within the fabric. Take care when hand washing, because you don’t want to pull out more fur than you need to!

  • To wash a bodysuit, you can turn it inside out and scrub the fabric, working in the detergent to ensure all of the dirt is gone. If you have a shower head close to the tub, once you’ve worked in the detergent, you will need to use a shower to rinse out the bodysuit several times, until the water runs clear.

  • Be warned, the bodysuit will be extremely heavy using this method. You must make sure you wring out the water as much as possible, otherwise the weight of the water will add stress on the fabric and seams.

  • Handpaws, padding and bodysuits can go into the washing machine as well, which saves time and effort!

  • If you have a washing machine, ensure it is on a cold delicate wash if possible, and do not tumble dry it. Heat will melt the fur, and ruin the look of the suit!


Drying instructions

Head, Handpaws and feetpaws

  • The head will need to be in front of a fan, with a fan blowing into the head via the neck if possible to ensure it will dry quickly, preventing mould from growing inside of the head, making it smell bad, impact your health, and in the worst case scenario, have to be destroyed.

  • The handpaws can be placed on a drying rack with the bodysuit to dry out over time, in front of a fan to speed it up.

  • The feetpaws will need to be in front of a fan to dry out fully.
  • Brush the head and the feetpaws with a tangle teaser (a wide toothed brush with soft bristles) or a slicker brush, with the bristles facing the other way when used to prevent the fur being pulled out while they are drying, to prevent the fur from drying “clumped” together.


  • The bodysuit should have had all of the water wrung out to prevent the fabric stretching out from the weight of the added water. If you have a washing wachine, put it in for a spin cycle to help wring out the water.

  • Turn the bodysuit the right way out, and zip up the bodysuit. Place the bodysuit onto a drying rack, evenly spread out to prevent weight stressing out the seams and fabric. Brush the fur to start the drying process, then place fans near the bodysuit. This could take several hours, so it is advised not to wash them the day before a meet or a con! Keep brushing it every two hours or hour, depending on what you feel is needed.

    DO NOT USE SPACE HEATERS TO TRY AND DRY IT MORE QUICKLY. This could lead to potentially melting the fur!


  • You can add Dryer sheets inside of the head and handpaws to help keep them smelling fresh – you can choose what fragrance you want to use!

  • The bodysuit can be hung up, but ensure it is on a large hanger to help distribute the weight of the suit. Alternatively it can be folded and placed into storage out of direct sunlight.

  • The padding can be kept inside of the bodysuit if it is hung up, but alternatively it can be kept in storage alongside with the bodysuit.