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Snow Gryphon Suits is a one person company, who works in the south of england, but I take orders globally to ensure that everyone is happy with their product.

I currently work in the “toony” style, and if you wish to see examples of my work, please check my gallery out.

Please keep an eye on my twitter and my facebook page to find out when I am open for commissions! They are linked in my contact information.

Contact information

Facebook: Snow Gryphon Suits
Twitter: @SGSuits
FurAffinity: SnowGryphonSuits


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Lanyard order form is here!

Badge and badge holder form is here!

My merhandise is made by Paw Printing, a small UK based printing company.

Contact information

Twitter: Paw Printing

Snow Gryphon Suits


suit logo small

Hello, and welcome to Snow Gryphon Suits – home for unique and personalised fursuits.

If you are interested in my work, please take a look at my gallery to get a feel for what I do.

If you wish to contact me, please send an email to

Terms of Service

When you commission from me you are agreeing to the following terms of service:


I have three pets – one cat and two rabbits. They are kept away from my work, but please be aware that there may be some animal fur on your costume. If you are allergic to cats or rabbits, please let me know.


Since I am in the United Kingdom, there has been a recent change in how shipping to Europe will work, and not for the better I am afraid. Please be aware that there is now a VAT charge of 21% and an additional cost of up to 12% on your parcel – resulting in a 33% charge of your original price. Shipping is not included in this price, these are import fees.

If you are still wanting to go ahead with commissioning me, I will offer some options to try and avoid this – I can hold onto the suits until you are able to come to the uk, or send them to a trusted friend of yours in the uk, who can hold onto them for you.


I require a good full body turnaround of your character, preferably digital so I can get your character as accurate as possible. If you cannot provide me with a good reference sheet for me to use, chances are I will refuse to accept your commission until you return to me with a proper reference sheet.

This is a good example of a reference sheet:

Reference sheets I will NOT accept include:

  •  messy/scribbled
  •  uncoloured
  •  does not show the whole character
  •  art or character that does not belong to you/recoloured copyrighted linework
  •  photo of another costume
  •  unrealistic in proportion/not viable as a costume (ie can not be made to fit on a human frame)
  •  Links to 1 or 2 specific pieces of art, do NOT just link me to your galleries.
  •   If you do not have any art of your characters that are 100% accurate and up to date, then please draw or commission one from another artist.


  • I do not take on commissions that are copyrighted (i.e. Sonic, Pokemon, Digimon)
  •  I will not make a copy of another person’s character for you.
  •  Please take notice that the more complicated your suit design is, the more expensive it will be!

Artistic freedom

If you choose Artistic freedom, then you will have almost no control over what happens to your suit – you may give me the bare minimum, such as “make me a housecat” and show me a few google images / photographs to give me a faint idea. Only accept this choice if you are 100% sure you will be happy with  what I will give you. You will be able to give me the eye colour and a colour scheme if you want, however the rest of the design will be up to me and how I see fit to create it. This will not result in the costume being cheaper.


This is important – if I do not get the right measurements, your suit will not fit you!

Head measurements

I will need a circumference of your head above your eyes, on the largest part of your forehead – so the head will fit properly and not be too loose.

Partial Measurements

I will need the head measurements as mentioned above, along with a pair of NEW comfortable shoes that can slip on and off.

For your arm sleeves I will require measurements from your wrist to the top of your shoulder, around the largest part of your upper arm, lower arm and around your wrist.

I will also need a tracing of your hand with your fingers spread as wide as possible. For the arm measurements, have someone measure you while your arm is relaxed to make it as accurate as possible.

I will require your height to help me determine how long your tail will be so it will hang an inch off the floor.

Fullsuit Measurements

In addition to the partial measurements, I will also require a duct tape dummy. If you are unsure of how to make one, there is a tutorial here:

If you are having a fullsuit, I will require your Duct Tape Dummy before work begins on your suit. I would also require you to please write on the duct tape dummy and to label your payments with your name/character’s name. Please also do not write or draw NSFW things on the dtd.

Please note that I ask all customers to tape all seams on their duct tape dummies before shipping them to me.

Any DTD received without the seams taped (or taped to my satisfaction) will receive a £60 surcharge to their bill for the service of retaping the DTD. If it is not fixable by my hands, you WILL need to make another one. Suits are only as good as the DTD, so please do not go cheap with this step. 


I will NOT give out quotes when I am closed!

  • I will require a 30% of the quote as a deposit to secure your place in the queue. All deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE, unless your suit slot is cancelled. The sooner you get your deposit paid, the higher you will be on the list, and the sooner your suit will be finished. Queue waiting times will vary, depending on the complexity of the character you wish me to make.
  • I can take full payment upfront, however this is not necessary. I can do split payment options, which will be discussed within e-mails which would be best for you.
  •  I am willing to accept payment plans, however the minimum I can accept is £250 per month.
  • I am willing to accept the three-payment plan, which is Deposit / Starting payment / Final payment + shipping.
  • I will require the rest of your payment before your suit is finished. Shipping is an additional charge which will be worked out after your suit is finished.
  • Please be aware that there may be a customs charge on your suit, depending on your country’s origin.
  • Inability/failure to pay will result in you getting bumped down to the bottom of the queue and may add an extra 6 months to your completion time.
  • To ensure that you are still invested in the costume, I will contact you before your suit is to be started, and if you haven’t fully paid off the suit at that point, then I will require another payment from you.
  • There is a Late Payment Penalty, you have a week grace period after your payment is due, after the 7th day a fee will charged. 10% of the remaining balance or £60 (whichever is highest) will be charged for the late payment and your suit will be put on hold until you are caught up on payments.

Please note, all payments are to be done in GBP (£) and I accept bank transfers (united kingdom) or paypal (International) only.


Shipping is not included in the original quote, and as such please be aware that shipping and handling is extra, and figured out once the commission is completed. If you cannot pay the shipping price within three months, this will result in your commission being cancelled, and your project sold at auction. You will also not get your deposit back.

All fursuits are insured and come with tracking. The buyer is responsible for all duty fees, customs, brokerage, and taxes over and above the cost of shipping. I have no control over extra fees, so please do not come to me and complain – I cannot do anything about it.

I will NOT mark a parcel as a ‘gift’ or underprice what the item is worth on the customs forms. This is illegal.

I will NOT deliver suits (by flying them in) at conventions, unless I am travelling to them, which is not very likely.

I will NOT allow you to come to my house to collect the suit, regardless of how close you are to me.

Shipping within the United Kingdom can expect to take 1-2 days, or sometimes it will take 1-3 weeks. Overseas shipping can be 1-6 weeks. Bear in mind I ship them on the 24 hour service, but if they take longer, that is out of my hands short of giving a refund.


I don’t have the option to do deadlines, because while I will do my best, I cannot promise it will be done. I will aim to get your suit completed between 1-2 years at the very most.


The warranty for your suit is free for the first year, but once the year is up and you require repairs / edits, you will have to pay for this. Customer pays for shipping both ways unless they are going to a local meet or it was a serious mistake on my part, in which case I will pay for the shipping when I send the fixed item back.

I will not fix suits which have been worn without those suits having been washed first. The exceptions to this are suits which have been worn, but only for a test fitting.

I will not fix suits which have been abused in anyway – normal / expected wear and tear is fine. Stains, modifications and obvious lack of care is not acceptable.) The abused or dirty suits will be shipped straight back, and until the suit is washed / taken care of, I will refuse to fix it.

If you do decide to return a suit for a refund, and I accept it, I will refund you, but the 30% deposit will remain with me. The suit will go on to be sold at auction after a few modifications to ensure it does not look like your character. 

I will fix any small errors for the whole life of the suit, however any serious repairs/modifications done by anyone other than me (the artist) will void this repair warranty.

HLXKQoti (add this to the application when relevant.)


As the artist, I reserve the right to cancel any commission at any stage of the process, if the customer is rude, threatening or otherwise unreasonable and refusing to behave in a civil manner.

I also reserve the right to refuse to give business to anyone who I feel has been rude, threatening, or otherwise unreasonable and refuses to behave in a civil manner.

Once the order has been made, and I have started to work (which includes ordering building materials) then no change may be made to the commission, unless it is to drop down from a fullsuit to a partial (or even just a head.)

If you do wish to cancel your commission with me (for any reason) I will refund your money, minus applicable fees, and the deposit will not be returned.

As the artist I also reserve the right to turn down certain orders and commissions. These include copyrighted characters, SPH suits or items, “blacklisted” commissioners, stylistic differences (My style would not work for your suit), poor reference art and so on.

Once the commission is completed and you feel something is not quite right, please let me know and I will tell you if it can or cannot be changed. If it can be changed, and it is my fault (for not making sure I followed the reference sheet or directions) then there will be no charge. However if it is something that was not in the reference, and was my own interperation of the reference (I.E. the fur is the wrong colour even though it matches the reference sheet and you approved) then a fee will be charged to cover my time and extra materials.

If we cannot come to an agreement, then you will either get a refund, or a remade head / paws / etc depending on what I think would be best for the situation.


I  only make toony suits! Please do not approach me asking for a realistic suit.

Also bear in mind I may change certain parts of the commission to fit the human body better (for example, if your character had extreme digigrade legs, I would adjust it to fit around the human body but still be digitigrade.) This is so it seems more believable and that you have stepped out of a drawing / character come to life.

Let me know up front what markings are important and HAVE to be included so I can plan around that – if you do not tell me what markings have to be kept the same, then once the suit is made, and you have made a point about this, you will have to pay an extra fee to cover the time and materials to redo them.



I am currently Closed.

I have picked four slots for the year’s first batch.

This also means the wait time will be less, so if you don’t get in with this batch, there is still a chance you will get a suit with me this year!

Get your references ready for when I open!

– Kerijiano

suit logo small

Please note that each price listed below is based off of a simple design. Colours will add more, but the majority of the cost is on the complexity of the markings.

Each suit is hand made by myself from scratch every time, making your suit a true one of a kind from me! Please note if you are interested in a suit from myself, I do not give out quotes or prices due to the time it takes me to compile a quote together for you. 


Standard Features

– follow me eyes / Flat eyes.
– Plush tongue, nose and teeth.
– Appliquéd pawpads and stuffed.
– Outdoor feet (Soled with durable rubber for good grip and hard wearing)

Optional Extras

– Removable eyelids.
– Swappable tongues of different lengths.
– Horns, Antlers, extra ears.
– NFT hair.
– Indoor feetpaws.
– Five fingered hand paws.