Further information about my Terms and Conditions


Since I am in the United Kingdom, there has been a recent change in how shipping to Europe will work, and not for the better I am afraid. Please be aware that there is now a VAT charge of 21% and an additional cost of up to 12% on your parcel – resulting in a 33% charge of your original price. Shipping is not included in this price, these are import fees.

If you are still wanting to go ahead with commissioning me, I will offer some options to try and avoid this – I can hold onto the suits until you are able to come to the uk, or send them to a trusted friend of yours in the uk, who can hold onto them for you.


  • I do not take on commissions that are copyrighted (i.e. Sonic, Pokemon, Digimon)
  •  I will not make a copy of another person’s character for you.
  •  Please take notice that the more complicated your suit design is, the more expensive it will be!

Artistic freedom

If you choose Artistic freedom, then you will have almost no control over what happens to your suit – you may give me the bare minimum, such as “make me a housecat” and show me a few google images / photographs to give me a faint idea. Only accept this choice if you are 100% sure you will be happy with  what I will give you. You will be able to give me the eye colour and a colour scheme if you want, however the rest of the design will be up to me and how I see fit to create it. This will not result in the costume being cheaper.

If you are having a fullsuit, I will require your Duct Tape Dummy before work begins on your suit. I would also require you to please write on the duct tape dummy and to label your payments with your name/character’s name. Please also do not write or draw NSFW things on the dtd.

Please note that I ask all customers to tape all seams on their duct tape dummies before shipping them to me.

Any DTD received without the seams taped (or taped to my satisfaction) will receive a £60 surcharge to their bill for the service of retaping the DTD. If it is not fixable by my hands, you WILL need to make another one. Suits are only as good as the DTD, so please do not go cheap with this step. 


Shipping is not included in the original quote, and as such please be aware that shipping and handling is extra, and figured out once the commission is completed. If you cannot pay the shipping price within three months, this will result in your commission being cancelled, and your project sold at auction. You will also not get your deposit back.

All fursuits are insured and come with tracking. The buyer is responsible for all duty fees, customs, brokerage, and taxes over and above the cost of shipping. I have no control over extra fees, so please do not come to me and complain – I cannot do anything about it.

I will NOT mark a parcel as a ‘gift’ or underprice what the item is worth on the customs forms. This is illegal.

I will NOT deliver suits (by flying them in) at conventions, unless I am travelling to them, which is not very likely.

I will NOT allow you to come to my house to collect the suit, regardless of how close you are to me.

Shipping within the United Kingdom can expect to take 1-2 days, or sometimes it will take 1-3 weeks. Overseas shipping can be 1-6 weeks. Bear in mind I ship them on the 24 hour service, but if they take longer, that is out of my hands short of giving a refund.